Do you need something to film how damaging or dangerous something is? Have you thought about Ballistic Gel or Ballistic Soap?

We offer a range of ballistic gels, ballistic soaps and ballistic dummies (sims) for use be a range of industries including television.

Ballistic Sims

Ballistic Sims

Our ballistic dummies (sims) provide unprecedented insight into the internal effects of trauma to the human body. Proudly used by medical practitioners, universities, forensic teams and television shows around the world, these products offer amazing aesthetics for post analysis and film.

Ballistic Gel

Air Rifle Block

Ready-to-use blocks, powder and kits; Used to simulate human tissue around the world, this ballistic gel is the standard for ballistic tests and is the only gel that is accepted as evidence in court worldwide. This is used by the police, the military, firearm businesses, television shows, engineers and hobbyists due to it being ecologically safe and economically viable.

Ballistic Soap

Ballistic Soaps

Ready-to-use blocks; Calculate energy and penetration like never before with scientifically proven results from our calibrated products that are used and approved by police agencies around the world.



Preservatives, moulds, tools and more; These tools have been developed or selected to make the use or casting of our products easier.

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